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Lawyer M. J. Donohue -

Criminal Defense in Allentown, PA.

   Since his admission to the Bar in 2005, Attorney Michael Donohue has practiced criminal law almost exclusively.  Over the course of the past decade, Attorney Donohue has gained invaluable experience from nearly every position in the courtroom.  As a law clerk working for a criminal judge, Attorney Donohue learned how criminal law judges resolve important factual and legal issues while reaching their verdicts.  He also honed persuasive research and writing skills that can often be the difference in particularly complex and technical litigation.

   As an Assistant Public Defender, Attorney Michael Donohue learned how to defend what are often perceived as the most difficult and horrific cases. Although the work was abundant and many of the cases very serious, the experience turned out to be a very rewarding one.  Attorney Donohue really enjoyed defending and advocating for those that are often bullied by the criminal justice system, and too many times left without a voice.

   As a prosecutor, Attorney Donohue learned how law enforcement officers investigate and prosecute criminal allegations.  In this role, Mike gained a tremendous amount of trial and litigation experience.  Attorney Donohue conducted hearings and presented evidence in adversarial proceedings nearly every day, and he excelled.  Attorney Donohue was assigned his first homicide case, one of many that he prosecuted, after only a year in the DA's Office.  Such serious cases are usually reserved for only the very best senior trial attorneys. Throughout his employment as a prosecutor, Attorney Donohue completed several specialized training programs only open to the law enforcement community and covering a wide array of subjects such as DUI, undercover drug investigations, wiretaps, search and seizure, and sex crimes.  Attorney Donohue also spent time working in some of the DA's Office's specialized units such as the White Collar Crime/ Insurance Fraud Unit, and the Arson Unit. 

   In a word, the Donohue Difference is experience.  Few criminal defense lawyers devote their entire practice to defending the rights of the accused, and even fewer have the variety of experiences that Attorney Michael Donohue has acquired over the past decade of practice.  Attorney Donohue handles each of his cases personally, is easy to reach, and takes a personal interest in the outcome of each case.  Although Attorney Michael Donohue is a powerful advocate in trial, he always has the best interest of his clients in mind while considering the best possible resolution for each case. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and see how DONOHUE LAW, LLC can make a difference for you.